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You can expect our service team to be professional and courteous, to always make sure your questions are answered, and to do the highest quality work. We offer up front pricing so you know what you're paying before we begin to work. We’re confident you’ll find our prices to be fair and reasonable. We’re specialists in the service and installation of heating, plumbing, and water conditioning systems for homes, businesses, and churches.

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We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the work we do.

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At Frey Heating & Plumbing Service our mission is to serve our customers more effectively than anyone else by treating our customers as we personally would like to be treated. We believe in providing the greatest value possible by offering first class service as well as uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.

Our Story

Voted 1st Place Reader's Choice Award for New Jersey Herald Readers!

Read “Our Story” as it appeared in the New Jersey Herald:

Frey Heating and Plumbing Treats Customers As Family

Chances are most Sussex County residents are familiar with this mainstay in the heating and plumbing industry. Frey Heating and Plumbing has built a solid foundation of trust and professionalism in a field that often involves urgent situations.

“Eighty percent of the business is same-day service,” said Diane Russinko, office manager who works alongside her husband and owner of the company, Rich Russinko.

The Russinko’s acquired the business in 1999 from the original owners, Roger and Lenore Frey, who started the company in 1981 with a deep conviction and clear focus of delivering high-quality service to those in Sussex County they had grown to know and love.

“Roger was reluctant to retire until he had the assurance that he would be leaving his customers in the hands of someone who held to the same principles, ethics and sense of stewardship for the business and its day-to-day operation,” Rich Russinko said.

The company steers clear of major construction jobs in order to focus exclusively on serving Sussex County homeowners, businesses, churches, and neighbors with reliable, responsive repair service.

“We are very customer oriented,” Rich Russinko said. “We focus on small jobs. Our customers have come to rely on our company to provide service that is able to immediately solve their heating and plumbing problems.”

Russinko began his 30-year-plus career in this industry right out of high school as an industrial boiler mechanic. Through the years, he has acquired his master plumber license and he worked for many years as a millwright mechanic and pipe fitter for major pharmaceutical companies.

“We prioritize the urgent nature of each situation as it arises,” he said. “That’s why it’s good for me to be available as the service calls come in. I can discern the technical aspects of the service request and respond accordingly.”

The company offers its customers 24-hour emergency service capability coupled with four technicians out in the field – Alex Russinko, Russ Russinko, Peter Caruso, and Eric Prtorich – who all live locally. With fully stocked trucks and cell communication, the technicians are ready, willing, and able to respond in a flash with the right know-how and equipment.

Another unique edge is the meticulous customer records that are kept on the computer. When a customer calls for service, their entire service history pops up at the press of a button and immediate clarification can be established as to what services have been provided, which gives the company the ability to efficiently respond to each service call. Those calls are dispatched by customer service representative, Mary Anne Quaife.

Rich sees client relationship as a top priority.

What goes hand in hand with this sound and steady client relationship is customer satisfaction.

“The company motto is “Total Customer Satisfaction, We Care,” he said. “We make every effort to treat customers the way we would like to be treated.”

The company guarantees all their work and is committed also to doing everything in the customer’s best interest.

“Our technicians inform the customer of the cost the repair or upgrade before the work is done,” Rich Russinko said. “That way they can make an informed choice that is in compliance with established state required codes.”

Two or three times a year, newsletters are sent to their customer base, keeping them informed on new technology, service reminders, and helpful heating and plumbing tips, such as how to respond when a toilet overflows or a reminder when it’s time for their heating unit’s annual tune up.

The company has earned the distinction of “Premier Dealer/Installer” of the Energy Kinetics System 2000 Energy Converter– a super efficient heat and hot water unit that saves homeowners up to 50 percent on their fuel bills. The system runs on oil, natural gas, or propane and is lightweight, quiet and clean burning (green-friendly), to boot. Some customers who have had the System 2000 installed boast about a 60 percent savings on heat and hot water costs.

The cost for the unit is typically $8200, depending on certain variables unique to each home.

The system can actually pay for itself within 5 years when calculating the benefit of saving up to 50% on fuel costs each year.

“We have experienced slow and steady growth over the years,” said Rich. “This increase has been realized mainly through referrals from our customers. We appreciate that our customers place enough confidence in the company to recommend us to their families, friends, and neighbors.”