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A Smart Investment in a Sure Thing.

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  • Save 30-40% off fuel!
  • Quieter than a microwave
  • Hybrid Energy Recovery®
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A
We're proud of our Premier Dealer status, especially since it is not bestowed on just anyone.  Here are just a few of the qualification criteria:

* 24-hour customer service
* Having installed a minimum of 20 Energy Kinetics System 2000 boilers per year
* Years of experience to ensure you that we know these systems inside and out
* Participation in ongoing training
* On-staff professional heating consultants to answer all your questions

Energy Kinetics System 2000 is ranked the #1-rated heat and hot-water system by Brookhaven National Laboratory in a study under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.

“Our old cast-iron boiler used about 1,000 gallons of fuel each year. Since having Frey Heating and Plumbing install a System 2000, fuel use has been reduced to just a little over 500 gallons per year. At a cost of $2.50 per gallon, I saved $1,250 this year. Over ten years time I will have saved at least $12,500. In these times, that’s a smart investment in a sure thing!”

—Janice, Oak Ridge, NJ

Want to enjoy the lowest fuel bills possible?* Then it's time for the SYSTEM 2000. When it comes to saving energy, nothing beats it! This compact boiler system provides both heat and hot water in a small and efficient package. The boiler itself is designed to save energy by dramatically reducing stand-by loss (the significant loss of heat that occurs when your heating system shuts off and most of the “leftover” heat energy goes up the chimney). The "smart" System 2000 pumps the heat into your home where you need it most - plus, it produces enough hot water to run the dishwasher, the washing machine and several showers all at the same time!

Look at these benefits!

  • Saves up to 40% off your fuel bill!Quiet
  • Provides virtually unlimited heat and hot water!
  • Runs more quietly than a microwave oven!
  • Matches energy usage to your home's requirements, so no heat is left wasted in the boiler.
  • Digital Manager controls multiple zones.
  • Comes in a variety of configurations to meet your space needs.
  • Compatible with all heating applications, including radiant, baseboard and radiator.
  • Can be installed with or without a chimney!
  • Comes with the finest warranty in the industry, so your family's comfort is assured.
  • The System 2000 pays for itself in as little as four years! What a great investment!

Contact Frey Heating & Plumbing Service today for your FREE in-home heating consultation, and to find out more about the Energy Kinetics System 2000!

* Cuts up to $1.60 per gallon of fuel! Savings based on a fuel cost of $4.00 per gallon and System 2000's typical fuel savings of 30-40% (or more). It's just like saving up to $1.60 per gallon off every gallon of fuel you buy, year after year.